Helping Patients Take Their Next Breath

VentFree™ Muscle Stimulator

A respiratory electrical muscle stimulator that is designed to reduce the number of days a patient spends on mechanical ventilation.

Clinical Background

Over one million patients in the United States (US) are estimated to undergo mechanical ventilation (MV) every year. Approximately half of them have difficulty weaning from MV, and many end up requiring prolonged ventilator support. In the US, the overall health-care cost of these patients in the acute care setting is estimated to be more than $16 billion annually. Furthermore, patients requiring prolonged MV are susceptible to a wide range of clinical complications and excess mortality. The current standard of care to wean patients requiring prolonged MV is to have them undergo daily spontaneous breathing trials (SBTs). These trials are carried out using a variety of strategies intended to progressively reduce the extent of MV support while, concurrently, reconditioning the respiratory muscles weakened during the preceding pre-weaning period of MV. This process can last between days and months. In the most severe of cases, patients may never wean from MV. Unfortunately, there are presently no medical devices or medications that can accelerate the process of weaning from MV and reduce the number of ventilator-dependent patients.

How Can The VentFree Muscle Stimulator Help?

The VentFree muscle stimulator is an electrotherapy device that applies stimulation to the abdominal wall muscles in synchrony with mechanical ventilation. It is being designed to reduce the time to wean patients from mechanical ventilation. The VentFree muscle stimulator is not available for sale in the United States. Check back here in the coming months for more updates on the product.

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Our Team

We develop medical devices to improve the quality of life and reduce the cost of care for patients with pulmonary indications.

Angus Mclachlan


Angus is a biomedical engineer who has spent the last five years researching electrical stimulation of the abdominal muscles as a technique to improve respiratory function. He is a co-inventor on Liberate’s patent pending technology and was responsible for the initial product development and market research of FirstBreath and SecondBreath which led to the technology being spun out of Apellis Pharmaceuticals.

Guillermo Cohen

VP Engineering

Guillermo J. Cohen Freue, MS, holds a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering specializing in medical devices R&D. Guillermo, co-founder of several medical device companies, has designed and developed a wide range of devices and led the groups that obtained market clearance through the FDA approval process of the mentioned systems. Throughout his 20+ years of tenure, Guillermo has also developed technical training programs and medical devices software products.

Cedric Francois


Cedric Francois’ primary areas of expertise are immunology and immune system mediated disease. Cedric Francois received his medical degree from the University of Leuven in Belgium and his Ph.D. in Physiology from the University of Louisville. Following postgraduate training in pediatric and transplant surgery, Dr. Francois was a member of the research team that performed the first successful hand transplantation and of the Louisville Face Transplant Team, whose work supported the first human face transplantation in Lyon, France in 2005.

John Moore


A fourth generation business owner, John was born an entrepreneur. His passion is analyzing, strategizing, and capitalizing businesses. John has personal experience with start-ups, family owned businesses, generational businesses, and businesses in crisis situations.

John adds an optimistic approach to life as well as business. He excels at discovering opportunities, defining key metrics and implementing sales and marketing strategies.

Rod Wolford


Rod Wolford has over 40 years of wide-ranging experience in the health care industry, having served in leadership roles with health care providers, suppliers, consulting firms, associations and insurers.

Redirecting his professional time from active executive leadership, he now focuses his time on multiple boards of directors, his farm in Kentucky, community economic development and three growing grandchildren.

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